The leader of Chivas! A young canterano who became a pillar of Guadalajara

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During Aperture 2022, the player established himself as the engine of Guadalajara, even above Alexis Vega.


The inclusion of Fernando Hierro in the Sporting Administration of Chivas will bring with it a number of changes in the different structures of the rojiblanco institution, so the Spaniard analyzes in detail what he has seen in order to base his project on what already exists in the institution, where One of the players who stands out in the first team is Fernando Beltrán.

It’s no secret that the No no He is one of the spoiled soccer players of Guadalajara fans for his charisma, identification with the colors and above all for his quality on the field, where he showed his high level by becoming one of the pillars of the Guadalajara team.

During the opening in 2022. Beltrán was the player who made the most passes of the entire Rojiblanco team with 632, of which his accuracy was 86.9 percent, and his closest companion in terms of efficiency was Roberto Alvarado with 85.4 percent.

Even the former chivería coach, Ricardo Cadena, revealed that he is a midfielderEncouraged by the basic forces of Guadalajara, he committed himself to him, to the directive and his teammates to raise their level to help the club achieve its goals, where little by little the maturity and leadership of the Mexico City native continues to show.

When will the Chivas players report?

Players were originally scheduled to report for preseason on Oct. 31; however, Fernando Hierro decided to change the date and decided to integrate everyone on November 14the date when the coaching staff will be defined and a proper analysis of the campus will be done.

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