The indescribable driver of Lewis Hamilton

Mexico. Dutch pilot Max Verstappenwinner Mexican Grand Prix and two-time Formula 1 champion, explained to an English newspaper that Lewis Hamilton avoid naming him under any circumstances.

Czechomania is on the track as well as on the streets

“People have told me that he doesn’t even name me. I was always taught to respect what people have achieved in sports. I have no problem with what Lewis has achieved, he is one of the best in history“, commented Max Verstappen ‘Daily Mail’.

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Max Verstappen’s message to Mexican fans

It is known that the pilot of Red bull Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are not the best of friends. After their title fight in the 2021 season, the tension it created continues to wreak havoc and they are very far apart.

Verstappen He has no doubts about the quality of the seven-time world champion. He reflects on the quality of the Mercedes team compared to his rivals, but “even then you have to beat your team-mate and Lewis has done that all the time. I think you have to admit that this person has done an incredible job.”

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Verstappen and Checo Pérez booed at US GP

The reigning F1 champion who won the Japanese Grand Prix has challenged many of his detractors to increase their displeasure, as evidenced by the number of boos he received along with Czech Perez in Austin United States Grand Prix. In addition, there is also the controversy surrounding the additional costs of the last season.

The Fantastic Four compete in the Mexican Grand Prix

“It’s probably the frustration the fans have built up because their driver didn’t do well or because they don’t like me. I’m not here to be liked and it won’t ruin my day. I have a great time with my team. People can say what they want, but I’m here to act.” Verstappen.

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