The fans broke the attendance record for the Mexican Grand Prix

The previous record was from 2021 with 97,829 fans on Friday

The Mexico City Grand Prix from Formula 1 It broke its own Friday practice attendance record of 108,981 in the 2022 edition, according to the race’s organizing committee.

The previous record was from 2021 with 97 thousand 829, making this the seventh edition of the third stage Mexican Grand Prix is celebrating 60 years in style Formula 1 in Mexicowith unprecedented response in Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez from Magdalena Mixhuca.

The stands of the Foro Sol were almost 65 percent full, and rivers of people did not stop pouring into the Ciudad Deportiva complex.

This is the twenty-third edition Mexico City Grand Prix whose history began in 1962. The first stage consisted of 9 GPs from ’62. until 1970, the second of 7, from 1986 to 1992, and the third started in 2015.

Pilots from Red Bull, Sergio Perez Mr Max Verstappenmarked exactly the same time in Free Practice 1. As Czech Perez was the first to succeed and took position 3, while Max was fourth in a session he dominated Ferrari with CCarlos Sainz with 1:20.707 and Charles Leclerc only 46 thousandths away… but Red bull they are very close, even 120 thousand Spanish.

In free training 2 Mexican Grand Prix which was dedicated to testing prototype tires Formula 1 in 2023, George Russellfrom Mercedesmarked the best time, but it is interesting that it is again Red bull they were in almost equal times with Sergio Perez just 9 thousandths of a second above Max Verstappen. Charles Leclerc I didn’t finish the second session because the car crashed Ferrari in another sector.

Saturday will be the last day for training and fine-tuning the car before qualifying, at three in the afternoon local time.

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