The ESPN board ‘arrested’ Tuca for asking more young people to debut

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After a failed deal to lead Cougars, Ricardo Ferretti spoke in an interview with Roberto Gomez Junco from ESPNbut he did not talk about his future, he devoted himself to giving his opinion on what Mexican football needs to improve.

About that, beat He commented that there should be more opportunities for young Mexicans, but pointed out that “most teams are lacking in core strength.”

Statements by Tuco Ferretti

He also pointed out that the number of foreigners in the First League should be reduced, believing that this would help to have more talent for Mexican team.

“In the first (line) there should be a maximum of seven, but there is no possibility of nine. If Tuca is injured, if he is expelled as a foreigner, the Mexican has to force his way in and then the possibilities increase and that would lead to the best level of mexican players and that would lead to the (Mexican) national team being better,” Tuca said.

“League of Ascension (today Expansion League) is making a big mistake (not giving Mexican soccer players a chance) because I already clipped your wings. If the players had a chance at Uspon, they don’t today. I think the amount of foreigners they put there should be an opportunity for Mexican players,” he commented.

ESPN’s table disproves that

After hearing Duca’s words, the ESPN desk first criticized what the former Tigres manager said, Alvaro Morales recalling that his legacy in Tigres was with foreigners and that he was criticized for not giving the youth a chance.

Later, Dionisio Estrada He called him unworthy because of his statements, because he was a coach who did not easily give opportunities to young people.

I mean something incompatible, he talks a lot about young people, about working in the basic forces and then he was the first to complain about Rule 20/11, he commented.

So much Jorge Pietrasanta as Raphael’s Bridge They agreed that the seven foreigners that Tuca is looking for are still too many.

“The work of the basic forces of Pachuca is very good,” said Rafa Puente, while Pietrasanta stressed that if Tuzos sees it as a job, all clubs should do the same.

for his part, Mario Carrillo He agreed with Tuca that there should be no foreigners in the lower category, while he believes that there should be a maximum of four in the First category.

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