The DGA gives the first approval for the medical degree at the University of San Jorge

The University of San Jorge received this Wednesday, November 2, from the General Administration of the University of the Government of Aragon a favorable report for start the process of implanting a diploma in medicine.

“This is a fundamental first step to start processing the diploma which, as we pointed out last September, is important for Aragon,” insisted Berta Sáez, rector of the private campus.

In this regard, he emphasized that the goal is “to join efforts” so that the Community “retains and attracts talents“, in addition to helping to solve the “lack of doctors that the health system has”. “It is time for us to work together for an Aragon that is attractive to the people of Aragon and to young people from other autonomous communities and other countries”, he pointed out, reminding that “USJ already has proven results in the field of health sciences”.

“It is time to work together for an Aragon that is attractive to Aragonese and young people from other autonomous communities and other countries”

After this mandatory report on the need and economic and social justification of the diploma, USJ will start the procedures for verifying the diploma. The next step will be creation of a document that defines goals, competencies and structures the study plan. All this with the intention that it can be launched within two courses, i.e. for 2024-2025, with a total offer of 100 places.

The idea is that these students can intern in the new hospital being built by the Quirón Salud group in Zaragoza, which is expected to be operational during the first semester of 2024. Likewise, the construction of a new building in the Villanueva de Gállego campus is planned for the teaching of this degree. It will be the eighth after the Construction and Technical School, which was officially opened at the beginning of last year.

In healthcare, USJ also intends to increase the number of places for four degrees by 10% by September 2023: Nursing, Physiotherapy, Biomedicine and Psychology. In these cases, the processing is much faster because it does not involve changing the programming. This increase in vacancies would increase nursing and physiotherapy positions to 165 (currently 150), and biomedicine and psychology positions to 55, compared to the current 50.

lack of doctors

It was the President of the Community, Javier Lambán, who warned of a serious problem at the opening ceremony of the new ground in San Jorge lack of doctors “It’s something that has to be solved at the university level”he pointed out, thus giving a nod to the promotion of this degree from both private and public campuses, since he emphasized that the complicity of both universities is essential for the “common project” of Aragon.

And it looks like they got the gauntlet. USJ is taking a decisive step to introduce a medical degree as soon as possible, while the University of Zaragoza is now considering extending the courses offered at the Huesca campus to the sixth form – there are now two academic courses, which have been extended to a third with an internship, with an increase in places by about 10%.

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