the consumer gives his judgment in networks

  • Study Global Consumer Survey 2022 determined the reason why people buy the product.

  • Kellogg’s it reached sales of up to 14 billion dollars, according to the projection “Kellogg’s – Kellogg’s 2021 Annual Report”.

  • The launch of new flavors and product presentations is largely due to new consumer demands.

Kellogg’s It was launched on the market with unexpected flavors, with a carajillo-flavored cereal that caused attention on social networks, where consumers have already given their verdict.

Product diversification with creative propositions has established a key area in the market, creating increasingly valuable segments in the way launches must be communicated.

Extremely important resources in the launch of new products, according to the “Global Consumer Survey 2022.”, these are products that can be recommended by word of mouth, as appropriate 45 percent surveyed consumers, revealing that with this method they made a new product, for increasingly valuable creative areas in the market, such as those concerning the way in which activities are defined in front of the consumer today.

Another reason is the presence of the brand in the store, for which sales performance at physical points of sale is fundamental, in order to measure how important the alternative in the shopping aisle is to the consumer.

This makes the capacity of brands invaluable in a market that is becoming increasingly valuable to consumers and not only that, but challenges us to think about the strategies that have become the benchmark for their performance in the market.

Nevertheless, important trends have emerged that we cannot ignore today, such as those concerning the way in which brands become strategic allies in the market, for business development.

With this in mind, there is a clear resource that we cannot underestimate in consumption, and that is one that has to do with how brands connect with the consumer and, most importantly, how they end up assuming activities that have become bulls on the market. the market.

Carajillo flavored cereal

Opinions differ, but they all agree on one aspect, which is the importance of creativity in products that have traditionally offered a range of products based on traditional tastes.

We discovered this with a recent offering of carajillo-flavored cereal from Kellogg’swhich draws the attention of consumers to a key element, which is the importance of social networks for product launches, because through these platforms comprehensive actions are realized in front of the consumer, identifying value trends.

One of these trends was identified by Pulparindo, when the brand came up with an option that no one expected, which is to enter the market of frozen products with ice cream conceived as its typical sweet.

We have seen an example of this with brands that today are associated with creative areas that are increasingly valuable in the market, such as those related to the way activities are defined for consumers today, such as those related to the construction made by consumers and not only that, the capacity that brands have reached in increasingly engaging the market with new trends.

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