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Amid a commitment to diversity of work styles, a kindergarten in Japan’s Sapporo Prefecture will introduce in November new systemoshi holiday” which will allow kindergarten staff to use their permit to attend live performances by their favorite artistsentitled “Oh“. In recent years the wordOh” became fashionable in Japan. It originally meant “support“, but is now used to describe a favorite fictional character or real-world artist, such as an anime character or idol singer.


System “oshi holiday” he introduced Kindergarten Alice of Nishi-ku district, in Sapporo, Japan, is a system of paid permits that can be used to go to live shows, movies, or theater productions called artist”Oh“. In addition to paid statutory annual leave, from next month up to ten more days of paid leave are approved as “oshi holiday“.

The crèche, which employs 14 staff and others, is open from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. on weekdays, as well as on weekends and holidays, and the decision to introduce the new permit was made in the hope that the staff will be able to enjoy their private lives despite their busy schedule. work schedule, which includes overtime. As for the introductionoshi holiday“, said a nanny in her 30s who is a fan of Disneyland: “I like Toy Story and would like to enjoy the ‘Toy Story Mania’ attraction and buy a lot of merchandise. I think I will be very motivated to work after that».

Another nanny in her 20s, who is a professional gamer and competes in video games, said: “If I don’t have a hobby that fulfills me, it will inevitably affect my work due to fatigue and other factors, so I want to enjoy my vacation a lot and convey that enjoyment in a different way by playing with my children.».

In order to create an environment where it is easy to take a vacation, the kindergarten places great importance on daily communication between the kindergarten staff and also asks them to submit their vacation requests at least one month in advance so that they can adjust by giving themselves the opportunity to work their shifts. Director Masashi Endowho is a fan of a rock band BUCK-TICKsays: “The work of nannies is stressful and we try to relieve their physical and emotional burden as much as possible. I believe that children’s smiles come from the smiles of the kindergarten staff, and when their private lives are satisfied, they have a natural smile at work as well. And hopefully the result will be fun for the kids!».

Source: NHK NEWS

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