The claim made by López Obrador to “his friend” Donald Trump in defense of Lula da Silva

(Photos: REUTERS/Andrew Kelly, REUTERS/Luis Cortes and Europa Press)
(Photos: REUTERS/Andrew Kelly, REUTERS/Luis Cortes and Europa Press)

President Andres Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), did not hesitate to express and show his gratitude to his former colleague in the United States (USA), Donald Trumpeven with the controversies against her, such as the alleged disinformation she encouraged on her social networks or her anti-migrant behavior.

However, it was within the frame Brazilian presidential election where the warmth of Tabasco’s CEO reached its limit, leading to “respectful assertion” which AMLO expressed in morning this October 31.

“And look what my friend Trump has done. Also a brotherly rebuke with respect,” expressed Andrés Manuel with a smile on his face, after insisting that it should be repair the damage done to Donald Trump to close your account Twitter in January 2021.

In this sense – freedom of expression on the platform of the blue bird – López Obrador criticized that his former colleague they called vote for Jair Bolsonaro, whom he recognized as “one of the best people in overall politics and leadership from around the world”.

“(Jair Bolsonaro) is doing a fantastic job for his power, saving it like no one else. He has my full support (…) Don’t lose him, don’t let it happen. So go and vote for President Bolsonaro”, he pointed out in the video that Jair Bolsonaro shared on his Twitter. Twitter.

President López Obrador expressed his disagreement with Donald Trump for expressing his support for Jair Bolsonaro in the context of the Brazilian elections

As expected, Trump’s invitation did not sit well with López Obrador – possibly – because of his sympathy for him Lula da Silva, whom Trump labeled as “a radical leftist lunatic it will quickly destroy your country.”

In this way, López Obrador also to the American businessman “interfere” in the most polarized election in the South American country; revealing not only loyalty to Da Silva, but also to the left-wing ideology they both espouse – and for which even Trump mocked AMLO, singling him out as “the socialist I like”.

“Yesterday, Sunday, he spoke out in favor of Bolsonaro and against Lula, saying that Lula is a danger to Brazil and called for a vote for Bolsonaro in the morning. What did I have to put on?“.

After a close election race, leftist Lula da Silva cemented himself as Brazil’s new president-elect, winning 50.90% of the vote compared to Jair Bolsonaro’s 49.10%. Given this result, López Obrador congratulated the Brazilian people and recognized Bolsonaro’s actions:

“It will go very well. There will be equality and humanism. The Brazilians were an example. Even President Bolsonaro remained silent, locked himself away. He doesn’t do that, but he kept quiet,” said the Mexican from the National Palace.

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AMLO has once again come to the defense of Donald Trump after the suspension of his Twitter account.  (Photo: REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton/File Photo)
AMLO has once again come to the defense of Donald Trump after the suspension of his Twitter account. (Photo: REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton/File Photo)

López Obrador’s statement came from a statement related to the purchase that the billionaire, Elon Muskfinally consolidated Twitter.

Pleased that the world’s richest man completed the acquisition, Andrés Manuel expressed his desire for Musk to “liberate the social network” of alleged personalities conservatism which, according to him, appropriated the platform by using farms bots to inflate his accounts.

“(Twitter) was already under the control of conservatism and the economic power of the mafia. It is a question one day to analyze those who represent in Mexico Twitter and it is very likely, hypothetically, that they are associated with conservatism“.


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