The Cinemex Market Interlomas hall was flooded before the performance of ‘Black Adam’ – CINEMABLEND

Tlaloc apparently did not like the arrival of “Black Adam” in Mexican cinemas and did his part by sinking one of the Cinemex complexes.

Cinemex knows how to pamper its users, so in recent months it has officially opened Cinemamarket, cinema that offers a wide variety of food with traditional combinations of popcorn and nachos. In them, users can see premieres such as Halloween: The Last Night on Smile on premium seats with state-of-the-art screens. Great plan to see Black Adam!

Last weekend, many fans purchased their tickets to see Dwayne Johnson’s DCEU debut at their favorite theaters, however Not everyone was so lucky. After the terrible rain that fell in the state of Mexico. The Interlomas movie theater was under water and people couldn’t stop the rain even by sticking a knife into the ground.

According to a Tik Tok user named @comaypuntomx, e.gthe theater was flooded and leaks began to form everywhere. Complex workers had to remove the water into trash cans. and despite their efforts to dry the floor, the water continued to fall. The patrons took advantage of the moment to buy some food, but the wait was in vain, as the rooms were unavailable, so the manager offered them tickets to come back another time.

Film premieres in Cinépolis and Cinemex cinemas begin on October 27

The user did not want to stay with the desire to see Black Adam and The Justice Society on the big screen, so he preferred to buy tickets at Cinépolis. Thanks to this, he did not suffer any spoilers when Henry Cavill confirmed his return as Superman. If you haven’t seen the movie, now you have a reason to.


Cinemarket Interlomas was officially opened in June this year.

In addition to Interlomas Cinemarket there are other complexes Cinemex or Cinépolis that could be a great option to see this weekend Bardo, False chronicle of several truths, explosive threat on Lilo, Lilo, Cocodrilo. If you wanted to visit Cinemarket, in Mexico City you can also find one at Artz Pedregal and another at Galería Insurgentes, where you can choose between sushi, wings, pancakes or hot dogs with your movie.

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