The CEO was fired for committing the worst corporate sin

  • Study “Global 500 2022” he listed what he considers to be the best CEOs in the world.

  • Google Finance data reveals a drop in the value of shares of a company that has revealed its CEO.

  • Within corporate markets, interesting elements have been established, such as those that speak of activism CEOmeasured by research from Weber Shandwick.

There, simplya self-driving truck company, has laid off its own CEO after conducting an internal investigation and determining the mistake the man committed. A fact, which appears to be a corporate sinreminds us of the worst corporate sins that top managers of global companies can commit.

Based on “Global 500 2022”best executive directors in the world (using Brand retention index ) son: Satya Nadella from Microsoft88.3; Tim Cook from Apple87.6; Jianjun Wei from Great Wall Motors85.9; Huateng Ma from Tencent85; Sundar Pichai from Google83.3; Shantanu Narayen from Adobe82.5; Reed Hastings from Netflix82.1; Jensen Huang from Nvidia81.1; Marc Benioff from Salesforce80.2 years Lisa Su from AMD79.3.

bad directors

“Who is the best person to run this company? It’s me! Because I’m a merciless decision-making machine,” were the answers CEO startup There, simply, Xiaodi Houoffered to a television channel specializing in business journalism and showing the level of prominence to which the man is accustomed, the same level to which he is facing problems today, after discovering the leak of information from his office to the company Hydron, created by one of the founders There, simply.

Chief of operations There, simply, Ersin Jumeris he CEO temporary in which the Council delegates a new responsible person to the head of the company which is contracted for 45 percent.

Like this polemic, a CEO Discovered in the sharing of prohibited information, we are witnessing important changes in the market that tell us how important communication has become and not only that, the ability to understand what is successful in this segment.

If we look at how important management is in the corporate market, a study from Weber Shandwick found which topics to talk about and which not to talk about CEO Companies.

Among the recommended topics to be addressed were job training and updating, ua 70 percent; fair pay, 67 percent and health, 62 percent. Among the issues that were recommended not to be resolved, the issue of refugees stands out. 44 percent and the rights of the LGBT+ community, 44 percent.

Faced with this expectation of CEO Others around the world were surprised by the decision to resign from the companies they head, as happened with Dan Pricewho, after going viral in 2015, gave up part of his salary in order to increase the income of his associates, and received a car from them as a gift Teslahe resigned from that position, accepting that he is in a court case, due to the alleged violent forcing of a woman to kiss him.

Dan Price’s look, before the trend from research conducted by TuSimple:

CEO corporate sin

The reputation of brands seems to grow more and more, depending on their top managers, and the proof of this is what has resulted in the ability of brands to understand the consumer and most importantly: to develop corporate strategies of weight in front of him, as long as they make sense.

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