The boss sent the employee home because she is wearing clothes that “bother” her colleagues, this is the second time

OnlyFans influencer and model states in the new video that she was sent home from her day job because his clothes “bothered” other classmates. Marie Dee, as she is called on all her social networks, shared a similar situation on her TikTok last week.

In the video, Dee shows off her long black dress, which, although tight, with openings on the legs, hides her entire torso. However, obviously the clothes are not sober enough for your HR department.

“I’m sorry, you can’t wear it yet. It’s too revealing and distracting.” says the supposed HR representative off camera, “is that distracting?” Dee asks, “a lot,” the other woman replies.

This is the second time she has been sent home

The incident is reportedly the second time Dee has been sent home to collect her clothes, according to her. Dee recently posted a video of herself wearing black pants and a deep purple long-sleeved top.

Many followers accused the influencer of making up scenarios. Dee, who once told his followers that he works “for his family business,” but also uploads lifestyle content as mother of two children and posts photos in underwear and bikini on OnlyFans and Instagram.

She also posts photos where she shows off her clothes. Photo: Especially.

It also has a number of clips in which he “assumes” that he was intimate with the employees he hired. In the video, she claims that the company forced her to publish a personal statement in which she clarified that it was “not entirely true” that she slept with its employees. “Not only did we sleep, but we also had sex,” he said.

This is not the only case

Recently, a fitness model from the United States revealed that she was kicked out of her local gym for wearing shorts and “risque photo” sessions. It is about the fact that Shirls Larson has been a member of the gym for six years, but after she was caught taking photos for her Instagram in the middle of training, she explained on the networks.


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