The average age of starting to practice aesthetic medicine drops from 35 to 20

Aesthetic medicine is experiencing a real ‘boom’ in Spain, according to the latest report prepared by the Spanish Society for Aesthetic Medicine (SEME). According to the data, up to 40% of the Spanish population has undergone some treatment of this kind.

Techniques have improved, but so have health guarantees, so many aesthetic treatments are currently available. Furthermore, s the rise of social media It is increasingly promoted, especially among the female audience, to talk about these topics without as much modesty and shame as before.

It is common to see influential persons discuss what treatments have been done or will be done: breast augmentation, hyaluronic acid injections in the lips, microblading for eyebrows… and much more.

This greater exposure and awareness in this regard has led to a drastic drop in the age of onset in aesthetic medicine, which is undoubtedly one of the most impressive data in the report. According to SEMEthe average age of onset of the disease increased from 35 to 20 years.

The main target is still women

SEME data confirm that women are still the main public, as they represent 71.8% of patients, while 28.2% are men.

During 2021 in Spain in total 871,525 medical and aesthetic treatmentswith this distribution: 626,778 facial treatments (72%), 191,515 body treatments (22%) and 53,232 categorized as ‘other’ such as hair removal (6%).

The use of social networks, the possibility of using filters and the appearance of applications that allow changing the shape of the face have contributed to the creation of new needs among young patients, pointed out Dr. sc. Sergio Fernandez, SEME second vice president.

Patient profile and most requested treatments

Women are still the main target, especially young women, because, as stated, the average age for starting this type of treatment is now 20, 15 years less than before.

Among women who underwent aesthetic treatment, 39.2% received facial treatment, 34.3% body treatment, 10.8% anti-aging treatment, 6.3% hair treatment and 9.4% other treatments.

Among men, 45% opted for other types of treatment, while 16.1% received a body treatment, 18.1% a facial treatment, 12.8% a hair treatment and 8.0% an anti-aging treatment.

More authorized centers

With increasing demand, they are also increased centers approved by the Ministry of Health to carry out this type of treatment.

They are currently in Spain 6.305 of approved centers for aesthetic treatments, 20% more than the figure for 2019, when there were no more than 6,000.

SEME warned that this ‘boom’ it also increased the occurrence of unapproved centers and specialistswhich is why users insist always verify credentials. In this case, license required is U.48.

Before starting any treatment, it is important to check whether the center in question has this license.

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