The anime industry is exhausting seiyuus by forcing them to be idols — Kudasai

Japanese portal Myjitsu published an article in which he points out that temporary withdrawals Marika Kouno Mr Tomori Kusunoki they caused a backlash among fans, not against the voice actresses, but against the industry as a whole. It turns out that the current model of the anime industry practically forces voice actresses to not only play characters, but also sing, dance, participate in photo shoots, among many other things. This causes a heavy workload, which is already starting to take its toll on some of the most popular girls in the industry.


«The voice actresses played behind-the-scenes roles, with few opportunities to appear on stage. Today, times have changed radically and they are expected to sing and dance like idols, but their “negative side” comes out. Popular voice actress Marika Kouno announced on November 1 that she is limiting her activities due to “ill health.” According to her agency, Aoni Productions, her doctor has diagnosed her with adjustment disorder and will prioritize treatment for now.».

«Marika Kouno is a voice actress who achieved great success as Silence Suzuka in the popular smartphone video game “Uma Musume: Pretty Derby”. However, due to activity restrictions, he will not be able to perform at the first dome performance of “Uma Musume: Pretty Derby”., entitled “4th EVENT SPECIAL DREAMERS!! EXTRA STAGE” and is scheduled for November 5 and 6».

«On the same day, there was also sad news about voice actress Tomori Kusunoki.who attracts attention with her role as Makima in the movie “Chainsaw Man”. It has been announced that she will no longer play the role of Setsune Yuuki in the anime “Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen Doukoukai School Idol”, which is one of his most famous works. He has had physical problems since the spring of 2021, and in September of this year, the doctor diagnosed him with a genetic disorder. She said that she had a hard time performing movements that put a lot of strain on her body, such as dancing, and that she had to ask to be removed from the stage because it prevents her from continuing live activities.».

«Fans of the voice actresses were furious at the news about the most popular artists of the moment. In the comments on the networks you can read: “I am concerned about the many health issues voice actresses have. I don’t think it’s unrelated to the fact that they’re becoming too multifaceted“; “It’s probably just another shadow of the fact that even “voice actresses” are now forced to be idols. Especially for voice actresses, dance becomes a compulsory subject“; “They make you do too many things. Now you practice more for events than your day job as a voice actress, if you’re not good enough“; y “Voice actresses are tired to a level that the entire industry needs to rethink once and for all».

«Namely, today it is common for young voice actresses to engage in various activities in addition to acting in animation. Although they started out singing and dancing at live events, they are now required to have many talents, such as the ability to speak on online shows, take photos and handle social media. The burden that successful voice actresses carry today is comparable to that of popular idols, and the strain on their bodies and minds is immeasurable.».

«The background of this is the desire of the production side to offer voice actresses as part of the content, and not just as simple actresses. But the otakus themselves, the consumers, are complicit in all this. Instead of criticizing the industry with online complaints, shouldn’t they take the future of voice actresses seriously?».

Source: Myjitsu

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