The abominable humiliations that Camilia suffered at the hands of Queen Elizabeth II will never be forgotten

Almost two months have passed since the whole world was shaken by the news that the monarch of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth III, died at the age of 96, he confirmed Buckingham Palace through a statement that immediately became internationally known.

After the death of the queen was announced, her son Charles III made a short statement via the transmission of Buckingham Palace, because after the death of the monarch, Charles of Wales became the head of the United Kingdom, and with him is now a new woman who is in the mandate of the royal family, it is about Camilla of Cornwall, who becomes the queen consort.

Camilla of Cornwall and her complicated rapprochement with royalty

One of the biggest controversies in the world of royal families is precisely about the new wife of the Queen of England, who is one of the figures that the British least like, and on several occasions this also reflects on the same family real.

This is because of the controversy surrounding the love life of these two new commanding figures, since it must be remembered that the new monarch is the father of princes. Guillermo Mr Enriquethe fruits of his marriage to the famous Princess Diana of Wales, one of the most beloved figures in the history of the crown. But he enters this story Camilawho allegedly always interfered in the love of Diana and Carlos, ever since the two met at a polo match in 1970. It is worth mentioning that Carlos and Camila are a couple who have been unofficially dating for more than four decades and got married in 2005. .

Camila and Carlos have been an unofficial couple for a long time. Photo: Special

Now they are both on the throne, it is true that before Elizabeth II’s “blessing” at their wedding, only 20 percent of the population in England accepted the idea that Camilla became queen, a situation that is now a fact after the royal loss.

In this sense, the memory of the assumed rudeness which Camilla suffered from the late queen, who would even put her daughter-in-law through various humiliations, since neither Diana nor Elizabeth II would accept the idea that Camila was Carlos’s lover, for that matter, a princess Margaritawho sympathized with the now new king, tried to intercede in his favor with his sister without success, as Isabel refused to meet or even talk about Camila.

Tired of the situation and the rejection of the woman he loved, Carlos decided to talk to his mother, who he asked to be gentle with his hatred, because he was ready to have a relationship with Camila without hiding it.

But Isabel was furious and the opposite of softening, she was harsher towards Camila, and it is even known that Carlos’ then lover was not allowed to be in the same room, however, if she often welcomed her ex-husband the current queen consort, Andrew Parker Bowles.



Take a breath before you see what Queen Camilla’s ex-husband Andrew Parker Bowles looks like today

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