Thanksgiving 2022 or Thanksgiving Day: Why is it not celebrated in Mexico?

Thanksgiving 2022: Why not celebrate it in Mexico?
Thanksgiving is celebrated in northern Mexico. Photo: shutterstock.

The Thanksgiving day It is a national holiday celebrated in NOW, which takes place on the fourth Thursday in November in that country and which has been recorded since the first settlements English migrants in America, 1621.

According to tradition, Thanksgiving Day, or Thanksgiving Day, in English, It is a day when American families come together and give thanks for the good people and things that happened to them during the year.

this celebration did not become a national holiday NOWbut until 1789, at the initiative of the first president of that country, General George Washington.

Why is Thanksgiving not celebrated in Mexico?

IN Mexico this day is not celebrated because the foundation of our country is related to Mesoamerican cultures (which included electricity Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, Honduras, western Nicaragua and Costa Rica); that is, we are not migrants who arrived in America, but we are part of an autochthonous civilization that developed in America.

However, some residents of northern states Mexico to celebrate Thanksgiving daybecause of the proximity NOW and the exchange of traditions between Mexican and American residents, linked by geographical proximity.

Why does America eat turkey?

The story goes that the first dinner of Thanksgiving happened in the year 1621, when the settlers from PlymouthCurrent state Massachusettsdecided to share the evening with the Indians vampanoag to celebrate the fall harvest and thank them for helping them survive the harsh winter by teaching them how to hunt, fish and farm.

The turkey was imposed on that holiday for practical reasons: Due to its size, the animal was enough to feed large families, and it was also a bird that was raised for consumption, unlike cows or chickens that gave milk and eggs, so they were convenient to keep.

In this first dinner, the natives brought deer, and the pilgrims brought poultry, among them from them, who was originally from that area. However, some historians suggest that they probably did ducks or geese.

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