Thanks to this hidden feature of Amazon, I saved a lot of money on fixing my car

Yes, Amazon also offers us a large number of spare parts of all kinds for our vehicle. Additionally, it includes a section that allows us to add our vehicle model so that when we’re looking for a part, we know if it applies to our vehicle.

Add your vehicle to Amazon’s garage

Amazon, like Google, works with millions of user data, data that allows them to know the preferences and needs of their users. Thanks to this function, they get more information that they didn’t have until now.

Leaving aside how Google and Amazon can use our data, thanks to the function that Amazon makes available to us by adding our vehicle model, buying spare parts at a good price is a very quick and above all simple task. To add your vehicle to the Amazon account we use to make the purchase, we just need to visit the following link. Then we need to enter our account information if we haven’t logged out before.

Then we click on Add the first vehicle. Next, a new window will appear in which we must first enter the type of vehicle, whether it is a motorcycle or a car. Another piece of information that we have to enter is the vehicle make and model. If we are not entirely clear about the model of our vehicle, we can choose the most similar one (if we don’t have documentation at hand) and in the type of variant, check whether the displayed dates match the date of registration for the first time (important if we are buying a used vehicle). Finally, we have to choose the type of engine.

Amazon's garage

Finally, we click on Save and then the vehicle model we configured will be displayed. From this point forward, we can now look for spare parts for our vehicle with all the peace of mind in the world knowing at all times that the website will inform us whether or not it is compatible with our vehicle.

Find auto parts on Amazon

After configuring our vehicle on Amazon, on the same website where we entered the information, in the section Parts and accessories for your vehicle, we just have to enter the piece we are looking for. All results displayed will be based on the vehicle model we configured previously.

Shop Amazon Auto Parts

This way, when we want to look for a spare part on Amazon, there will be no need to look through the documentation of our vehicle to see the exact model and the uncertainty of whether the part we bought will be compatible with our vehicle. We tried to add up to 10 vehicles to our Amazon account and the website did not notify us that we had there is no maximum vehicle limitso it can be a great tool for car workshops.

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