Thalía: A man who left his family to be with a singer and died tragically

Thalia She is recognized as one of the most popular actresses in soap operas, because she had several trilogies like that of Marías. A young woman was also part of the group Timbiriche and in the 90s she established herself as one of Mexico’s favorite singers.

And, although she emigrated from our country, she still continues her career as a singer and is very active on social networks. About his love life Thalia She has been married to the producer for 22 years Tommy Mottola, with whom he has two children. However, she had several beaus before marriage.

One of her most publicized romances was the one Thalía had with the son of the president of Mexico, because in addition to the age difference between the two, tragedy also affected their relationship. In addition, his father was one of the most controversial leaders in the history of our country.

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This was Thalía’s controversial romance with Díaz Ordaz’s son

At the beginning of the 1990s. Thalia and Alfredo Diaz Ordaz, the son of former president Díaz Ordaz, made their romance public. Their relationship was controversial from the beginning, because at that time the actress was only 19, and he was 39 years old, with marriage and children.

hurt a lot of people

His eldest daughter Paulina Ordaz discovered it. The young woman assures that she does not want to judge or speak ill of anyone when questioned about the age difference between her father and Thalía. In addition, the producer would leave his wife when he met her, so he says that his mother and sister suffered because of the relationship.

Soon after, tragedy will strike Thaliagood Alfredo Diaz Ordaz he died of liver disease, shortly before the couple could marry.

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