Tania Rincón: 3 flirty bikinis with which she was crowned as the most beautiful of today

Tania Rincón became the favorite of the morning”God“Okay, she won over viewers with her charisma and relaxed character, but the former queen beauty She is also ranked as one of the most beautiful, especially when seen in beachwear, such as bikinis with which she exudes style, and show these three outfits she has with the crowned queen of style.

Tanya Vanessa A corner Sánchez, the full name of the 35-year-old presenter, rose to fame as the host of TV Azteca’s morning show, “come joy“, but after her second pregnancy she joined the team of the most watched program on the television station San Ángel and without a doubt became one of the most loved, showing that she is very talented and has a great sense of humor.

Tania Rincón conquers with her bikinis

The driver is very active on her social networks, mostly Instagrama platform on which he has 3.9 million followers, to whom he constantly pleases with photos of the outfits he wears in the show, but also of family vacations where he is seen looking his best, especially Swimwear of two pieces with which he imposes style.

Tania shines in modern bikinis. Photo: IG @taniarin

“All beautiful woman”, “So beautiful, precious”, “Splendid body”, “Divinely beautiful”, “You are very good, you are spectacular”, “Don’t exaggerate, you are beautiful”, “Precious”, “Beautiful and you are mine platonic love”, “You are beautiful”, “Impressive”, “You are very beautiful”, are just some of the hundreds of comments that A corner receives in each of the publications in which it is seen from the beach.

When it comes to bikinisTania shows that she is not afraid to try all kinds of styles, because she shares photos on her networks with outfits that vary from flirtatious and daring ones, even those ideal for women who want to show less skin, with high-waisted pantyhose or long-sleeved tops, with which they protect themselves from the sun, and with their appearance, they also assert themselves as queens of the beach.

The driver imposes style with her look for the beach. Photo: IG @taniarin

A corner She is originally from La Piedad, Michoacán, and made her debut on the small screen in 2004 in a local television program. Only in 2006 was she the winner of “Nuestra Belleza Michoacán” and had the opportunity to participate in “Nuestra Belleza México”, in which she was a semi-finalist, and although she was not the winner, she attracted the attention of producers and was invited for various projects.

Tanya She made her way into the world of driving with her charisma, and in 2007 she returned to the small screen with the show “Na asfaltu”, a show broadcast on pay TV, but her beauty, talent and good sense of humor soon made her stand out in 2008 as well. arrives at the Fox Sports network, to later move to the ranks of “Venga la Alegría” where he gained popularity and public affection.

The presenter of the show “Hoy” was awarded the title of the most beautiful. Photo: IG @taniarin


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