Take a breath before you see how Stella Banderas, daughter of Antonio Banderas, looks today at the age of 26

Stella Banderas Griffith is one of the most talented young women in the business world. It is about the fact that this beautiful woman has just turned 26 years old and is still in the process of discovery, research. Stella exudes creativity and has a thousand ideas, which is why she channels them through various projects.

Daughter of Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, she launched her perfume brand called Lightbound, inspired by Easter in Malaga, and we also saw her in the first campaign as a model. She later surprised us as a jewelry designer, collaborating with the company Jenna Katz.

Stella Banderas. Source: Instagram @stellabanderasgriffith

As his father once said, Stella Banderas With a BA in Narrative Studies from the University of Southern California, she also entered the world of acting, although unlike her parents, she prefers to be behind the spotlight. She likes the idea of ​​writing and directing, and we’ve actually seen her work on the musical Company.

That’s done Antonio Banderas surprised by Stella’s desire to take her first acting steps precisely because she is a very introverted young woman who is suspicious of her privacy. The young woman shows her more thoughtful side on Instagram, with pictures of outdoor life, occasional postcards with friends, background photography from her travels in Europe.

Stella Banderas. Source: Instagram @stellabanderasgriffith

As for your scents, Stella Banderas called “they are for body, soul and Earth”. In addition, the young businesswoman is also responsible for the look and feel of her company’s Instagram, where photos abound with nature always in the background and quotes alluding to what she wants to do with LIGHTBOUND.

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