Why and how will traditional medicine be integrated into public health in Mexico? – Counter-answer

During a morning press conference on November 1, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that, along with foreign and local doctors, midwives and traditional healers will also be integrated into Mexico’s public health system. This is part of the plan announced in September of this year, when the intention to promote, promote and protect this … Read more

7 superfoods that will help you sleep like a log

Insomnia appears as one of the main concerns of the Spanish population, the proof of this is that 12% of Spaniards suffer from chronic insomnia and 30% say they wake up feeling like they haven’t rested. [Los ‘somníferos’ que se compran en el ‘súper’: 15 alimentos para dormir como un tronco] All this, in addition … Read more

Pelvic floor and sport: doubts, myths and reality

Why is it weakened? How to strengthen it? What sports are recommended? So many questions that naturally abound when we talk about the so-called pelvic floor. We clarify them with these expert opinions. What is the pelvic floor? “The pelvic floor is a set of muscles and ligaments that surround the abdominal cavity, whose main … Read more

The TGT cheese company receives an animal welfare certificate

Grupo TGT cheese company, a leader in the production and distribution of cheeses in Spain, recently received animal welfare certification for the raw cow’s milk processed at its Ólvega Lácteos Naturales SL factory. Thus, TGT guarantees that 100% of the milk from which it produces its products in this factory, including the production of Lacturale … Read more