a mother bursts into the classroom and hits the student who was bullying her son

“I’m already spoiled, I’ve come 10 million times,” said the mother when she burst into the classroom of the school in Black river looking for the student who bullied his son. An angry woman entered the classroom screaming and asking her son Benjamin who was bothering him. Identifying the boy attacked with punches in front … Read more

‘Don’t normalize this, it’s very embarrassing and frustrating’

Player from Pachuca, Selena Cortes publicly denounced harassment by users on social networks. Through his Twitter account, the defense of Tuzos he shared a post showing that the man named Jorge Vazquez He constantly sent her messages and persistently commented on her physique. “I’ve always said that people who follow you on social media have … Read more

Pachuca, labeled an ‘underdeveloped team’ after revealing the outlets for the Final de Vuelta

Twitter users don’t miss a thing, and on this occasion they marked an “underdeveloped team” Pachuca when he announced the outlets for the Final Round Opener against Toluca in 2022. Los Tuzos announced that some of their tickets can be purchased at Chelo Stationery and Franky Palettes in Pachuca, or at Chrismi Impressions in Acayuca, … Read more