Chivas’ “Reinforcement” decided to get married a few days after the start of the preseason

INTERESTING THINGS The incorporation that Guadalajara would have for Clausura 2023 decided to make the most of the last days of rest granted by the club. Per Leon Iturbide 04/11/2022 – 6:14 pm CDT IMAGO 7 Bad Chivas players continue to make the most of extra time annual leave granted by the new directive led … Read more

Bombs? Fernando Hierro’s policy to hire footballers for Chivas

EXCLUSIVE PASSION OF THE HERD The new sporting director of Guadalajara made a decision on the procedure for selecting potential reinforcements for the Flock. Per Leon Iturbide 03/11/2022 – 21:54 CDT IMAGO 7 The internal restructuring of Chivas continues to take firm steps to build a new sports project under its management Fernando Hierro and … Read more

The first reinforcement of Veljko Paunović in Chivas

The ‘Iron Age’ is underway. The Chivas started a new era in its history by recruiting Ferdinand the Iron as Sports director from Holy flockand his first move was to bring the Serbian coach, Veljko Paunović. The Guadalajara team starts the preseason of the league Closing in 2023next Monday, November 14, so together, Hierro Mr … Read more

Didn’t they want a winner? Alarming numbers of Veljko Paunović, the new coach of Chivas

MERCADO As leaked in the last hours, Veljko Paunović became Fernando Hierro’s chosen one who will take over the technical management of Guadalajara. Per Franco Chesini 10/31/2022 – 6:01 PM CDT 10/31/2022 – 6:01 PM CDT © ImagoAlarming numbers of Veljko Paunović, the new coach of Chivas Ferdinand the Iron worked day and night hiring … Read more

New bet on rojiblanca? Fernando Hierro is the new candidate to lead Chivas

Liga Mx Given the difficulty in convincing Alberto Celades, new potential names to lead the Flock continue to emerge. Per Leon Iturbide 10/29/2022 – 6:04 PM CDT GETTY IMAGES Fernando Hierro understands that managing Chivas’ sports project is not an easy task, since he encountered many difficulties in finding the ideal coach to manage Guadalajara, … Read more