Filter MILLIONAIRE salary Laura G and Sergio Sepúlveda in ‘Venga la Alegría’

After the controversies caused by the sudden departure of William Valdés from come joytwo morning show hosts are at the center of the storm, not only because of the controversies they are embroiled in, but also because salary millionaire they win, being the source of the show filtered the exorbitant amount they pay Laura G … Read more

Come betrayal! William Valdés left ‘VLA’ because Sergio Sepúlveda nominated him before the bosses

The driver was not a favorite of the audience, and on social networks part of the program’s fans welcomed his departure. We learned that the firing of William Valdés from ‘Venga la Alegría’ had a lot to do with Sergio Sepúlveda. After leaving from William Valdés, 28, from Venga la alegría, before the Cuban host … Read more