It will not be the reinforcement of America? Santiago Baños clarified the possible signing of Fernando Gorriarán

Azulcrema’s sports president addressed the rumors that put the Uruguayan midfielder in Azulcrema’s orbit. Per Alexander Alfaro 04/11/2022 – 7:08 PM CDT Comments 04/11/2022 – 7:08 PM CDT © Image 7Fernando Gorriarán was put into the Eagles’ orbit. America is in the process of defining the highs and lows for the 2023 Liga MX Clausura … Read more

An incredible European factor that would help Chivas sign Eduardo Muda Aguirre

Liga Mx Guadalajara has shown an interest in adding the Santos striker to their ranks for the 2023 Clausura. Per Leon Iturbide 10/30/2022 – 6:06 PM CDT IMAGO 7 Chivas continues to analyze several points to continue its restructuring, for which Fernando Hierro he is investing all his attention in closing as soon as possible … Read more