Find out who Kate Middleton’s millionaire ex-boyfriends are and what they do for a living

The Prince William and Kate Middleton met at the University of San Andrés in the United Kingdom in 2001 when they were both studying, but the love between them would be born years later. although Prince William he couldn’t help but glance at the beauty Middleton when he saw the parade Kate on the catwalk … Read more

This was the occasion when Lady Di wanted to surprise King Carlos III with a sensual dance, but he responded furiously

Everyone knows the story of Lady Di and everything that had to happen while she was married to the current king Carlos III. Humiliation, mistreatment and infidelity by Carlos who took it upon himself to let her know all the time that he didn’t love her. The Royal families The British knew about this reality, … Read more

Prince Harry’s biography, ‘SPARE’, is making the royal family shudder

After Penguin Random House confirmed the book’s title and publication date, Fitzwilliams told MailOnline that the title was improbable and that Prince Harry was a stand-in for the heir: “It’s a sensational title and it implies that the writer was not appreciated or, certainly, that he was not they feel integrated. When the propaganda talks … Read more