They refused to return! Carlos Salcedo’s hint to the Chivas board because he despised him

Liga Mx The former Guadalajara player was close to returning, but not everyone accepted him in the institution. Per Leon Iturbide 04/11/2022 – 11:22 pm CDT IMAGO 7 Chivas fans usually respect and idolize the players who firmly defended the red and white jersey, where the defender is one of the most loved footballers in … Read more

Ricardo Peláez’s unexpected confession about Amaury Vergara, after his departure from Chivas

Liga MX The leader left his position a few days ago and now Krdo confirms the new sports organization. Per Aldo Miranda 02/11/2022 – 4:01 PM CDT © Imago7Ricardo Peláez’s confession about Amaury Vergara in Club Guadalajara has no time to look at the past, but to continue shaping the new project under the leadership … Read more