Rebecca Jones: Will Maximiliano, the only son he had with Alejandro Camacho, travel to see his mother?

Maximiliano Camacho-Jones 25 years old, he is the product of a romantic couple that many have seen as role models, Rebecca Jones and his former partnerAlejandro Camacho; however, it is believed that the young man will be aware of his mother who suffered a lung infection. This would prompt the actress to seek emergency help … Read more

This is what Maximiliano looks like, the ONLY son Rebecca Jones had with Alejandro Camacho | PHOTOS

With a recent return to health Rebecca Jonesit’s the right time to find out more about the personal life of the actress, who, in addition to being a famous artist in the Mexican environment, is the mother of a young man called Maximilian who gave birth while she was the actor’s wife Alexander Camacho and … Read more

Rebecca Jones was rushed to the hospital; to look for blood donors

asks the relative blood donation for Rebecca Jonesas the actress is said to be facing a serious health problems. On the show Sale el Sol, Joanna Vega-Biestro reported that they received a statement saying that Rebecca Jones was urgently hospitalized and that relatives are looking for blood donors. “No notification has been given in his … Read more

Rebecca Jones is urgently hospitalized: emergency blood donors

journalist Joanna Vega-Biestro reported the morning of this Wednesday, November 2, in the morning “Sale el Sol”, Imagen Televisión, that the actress Rebecca Jones it was urgently hospitalized and blood donors are praying urgentlyas the soap star’s health condition is said to be delicate. According to the host of the morning, the actress’s family did … Read more