Guillermo Almada and his brother even washed cars… today they are champions at half time

Juan Manuel Figueroa and half time the city of Mexico / 01.11.2022 18:23:08 Once more Almada brothers they made it vibrate Mexico. But they don’t shoot or fight in canteens, like in the movies of a few years ago; the other Almada brothers they are dedicated to football, they are proud of their humble origins … Read more

Luis Chávez’s revelation of Chivas’ interest in signing him after becoming Liga MX Clausura 2023 champions with Pachuca.

Liga MX Pachuca midfielder Luis Chávez on Sunday night addressed the possible interest of Chivas de Guadalajara in signing him for the 2023 Clausura, with plenty of championship celebrations with the Tuzos in this 2022 Apertura. Per Eduardo Ceccato García 10/31/2022 – 6:09 PM CDT © IMAGO7Luis Chávez would be one of Chivas’ possible signings … Read more

Erick Sánchez on Almada and the possibility of seeing him at El Trio: “Of course I would like to”

Erick Sanchez wants William Almada to be the next coach Mexican team If that Gerardo Martino leaves after World Cup in Qatar 2022. “You have to respect the processes. There is a coach at the moment and you have to support him. But if he doesn’t continue later, of course I would,” he mentioned. Young … Read more

Torres Nilo goes for Gabriel Caballero’s historic goal, complicated! Half time

Last batch of Liga MX between Pachuca and Toluca could be historic for Jorge Torres Nilo, since winning the red devilsthe Sin will tie the record Gabriel Knightthe legend of Tuzos who is the player with the most titles in short tournaments so far. But that dream of Torres Nilo became too complicated, because in … Read more

Besides the money, what Tigres is offering Guillermo Almada to get him out of Pachuca

Besides the money, what Tigres is offering Guillermo Almada to get him out of Pachuca October 28, 2022, 11:31 p.m Guillermo Almada confirmed this weekend as one of the best coaches in recent years in Liga MX by reaching his third final in the last four tournaments defining it, unlike the last two, from broken … Read more

Pachuca, labeled an ‘underdeveloped team’ after revealing the outlets for the Final de Vuelta

Twitter users don’t miss a thing, and on this occasion they marked an “underdeveloped team” Pachuca when he announced the outlets for the Final Round Opener against Toluca in 2022. Los Tuzos announced that some of their tickets can be purchased at Chelo Stationery and Franky Palettes in Pachuca, or at Chrismi Impressions in Acayuca, … Read more

Televisa ‘crashed’ TV Azteca’s broadcast of the Final de Ida

The battle at the end Liga MX It wasn’t just on the field, where Pachuca valve 1-5 a Toluca in Nemesis tenbut it also happened between television stations, since they are both STUDY as TV Azteca broadcasting the match on its television screens and digital platforms. The problem arose in the Internet broadcast of TV … Read more