Héctor Reynoso, ready to return to Guadalajara; el Rebaño does his best for Brandon Vázquez; Chivas Femenil is looking for more games on outdoor TV

Liga MX Chivas de Guadalajara continues its week with a coach and waiting for reinforcements for the next tournament. Flock Passion presents today’s news. Per Aldo Miranda 04/11/2022 – 11:16 a.m. CDT © IMAGO7◉ Chivas news today November 4th Chivas de Guadalajara continues with the expectation of the establishment, after the official announcement of the … Read more

Which teams will fight to avoid paying the relegation penalty?

The fight to avoid the last three places in percentage will again enter the final stage for Closing in 2023. After experiencing the express tournament with Opening in 2022 and World Cup in Qatarsome clubs will start working on providing the best possible tournament to improve their position in the quotient. The Closing in 2023 … Read more

This is how the semifinals of the Aperture 2022 Liga MX FemenilMediotiempo will be played

Editorial in the middle the city of Mexico / 31.10.2022 23:19:24 classic semi-final. Wow crosses defined in Liga MX Femenil with National Classic and Royal Classic to define those who will advance to the grand final Opening in 2022. America and Chivas will face each other after winning their series. The Azulcremas had no problem … Read more

Televisa ‘crashed’ TV Azteca’s broadcast of the Final de Ida

The battle at the end Liga MX It wasn’t just on the field, where Pachuca valve 1-5 a Toluca in Nemesis tenbut it also happened between television stations, since they are both STUDY as TV Azteca broadcasting the match on its television screens and digital platforms. The problem arose in the Internet broadcast of TV … Read more