Environment calls on veterinarians to promote animal rights and welfare – ContraRéplicaPuebla

During the National Congress of Behavioral Medicine, experts said that it is necessary to avoid violence against animals choice of words The Secretary of the Environment, Sustainable Development and Territorial Planning (SMADSOT), Beatriz Manrique Guevara, called on veterinary medicine students and professionals to seek the welfare of animals based on knowledge, science and the spread … Read more

Receives recognition for medical merit from the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), in the category “Health Care at the Workplace”

dr. Patricia Martínez Hernández, medical specialist in occupational medicine at the Department of Family Medicine no. 68, in the Regional Decentralized Administrative Operating Authority of North Veracruz, received an award that confers recognition dr. Patricia Martínez Hernández, operational doctor of the health service in Tjob, has an outstanding career at IMSS; his academic background as … Read more