Ukraine | Mass withdrawal of Russian troops on the Jeršon Front

LThe war is accelerating. The Russian flag no longer flies at the administrative headquarters. Authorities imposed by Moscow, such as Kiril Stremusovthe deputy head of the civil-military administration of Kherson issued a final appeal to the population to leave the area: “Regarding the evacuation, I again recommend all Kherson residents and those still in the … Read more

Zelenski says there will be a response to the new Russian mass attack World | DW

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, announced this Monday evening (October 31, 2022) that there will be a “battlefield” response to Russia’s new massive attack on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, which left hundreds of cities without electricity. . “The answer will be on the battlefield. And I want to remind you that the total level of … Read more

USA: Russia is a “threat”, but the main “challenge” is China | World | DW

The Pentagon unveiled its new defense strategy this Thursday (27/10/2022), in which it claims that China is the “most transcendental” challenge to the security of the United States in the coming decades, while Russia is an “acute threat”. It also warned that Moscow’s use of an atomic bomb would trigger a “significant” international response. The … Read more