Strong condemnation of the US blockade of Cuba in the UN

AFP, Prensa Latina and Ap La Jornada newspaperFriday, November 4, 2022, p. 28 New York., With the United States and Israel voting against, and Brazil and Ukraine abstaining, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly yesterday overwhelmingly approved a Cuban-sponsored resolution calling for an end to the US economic blockade imposed on the island 60 years … Read more

Elon Musk is firing the entire Twitter staff in Mexico

In the savings plan Elon Musk already materialized with him dismissal of the entire workforce Twitter Mexico. Today, Friday, November 4 workers from Twitter Mexico Their work accounts were blocked and they joined the workers who were fired by the tycoon. Just one week after taking control of the company, Elon Musk has decided to … Read more

Vacation in Mexico: These are the benefits that workers will have after the reform

After various negotiations and discussions, This Thursday, a proposal was approved in the Senate so that Mexican workers can enjoy more holidays. “A step was taken to modern Mexico, because in the international environment it was shameful that we have a country with so few days off” Until this approval, Mexico was an Organization for … Read more

Environment calls on veterinarians to promote animal rights and welfare – ContraRéplicaPuebla

During the National Congress of Behavioral Medicine, experts said that it is necessary to avoid violence against animals choice of words The Secretary of the Environment, Sustainable Development and Territorial Planning (SMADSOT), Beatriz Manrique Guevara, called on veterinary medicine students and professionals to seek the welfare of animals based on knowledge, science and the spread … Read more

Advertisements and fast food vending machines will now be removed from schools

The ruling aims to improve the nutrition of girls and boys in schools, as well as to regulate and ban the sale of food that does not meet nutritional criteria. This is the second reform that bans fast food in schools. In December 2021, lawmakers approved an amendment to Article 50 of the General Bill … Read more

“It will be more difficult to beat Saudi Arabia than Mexico”

Pablo Mouche not a name that comes to mind for football fans, not even Argentina and much less in Mexicothe South American striker doesn’t have a career to brag about, and his results aren’t impressive enough to be remembered. Maybe that’s the reason why he only played in five times he did not play a … Read more

Dan: Illustrated mail

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, justice that is not like that E On October 31, the Macrista chamberlains Leopoldo Bruglia, Pablo Bertuzzi and Mariano Llorens of the Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires (City of Buenos Aires) lifted the preventive detention of the militants of the Federal Revolution group, clearly fascist in nature: Jonathan Morel, Sabrina Basile, … Read more

La Jornada – Mexico, a “unique country” in the world for investment, says Ana Botín

Boadilla del Monte, Spain. Mexico is a “unique” country in the world for investment, and the fiscal policies it implemented after the pandemic and in the face of inflationary pressures make it a place in the world where the conditions for injecting capital are unsurpassed, assured Ana Botín, president of Santander. At a press conference … Read more

‘We will put 5 in Qatar 2022’

Less than a month until the start of the game Mexico vs. Argentina in Qatar 2022 and the Albiceleste fans have already started to heat up the game. The Argentinian press followed the final Liga MX which ended with the title Pachuca for the historic victory over Tolucawhich caused derision among the Argentinians, given that … Read more