Marion Reimers responded to criticism after the lawsuit with Omar Zerón: “Go to therapy”

Marion Reimerssports analyst, spoke out after engaging in a heated debate with his partner Omar Zerón during a TNT Sports broadcast. Reimers disagreed with his teammate’s comments about Manchester City striker Erling Haaland, the debate got out of hand, and the commentator even “flew” Zerón. “Forgive me! What are you saying? Don’t belittle me. And … Read more

Marion Reimers responded to criticism: “Go to therapy”

Editorial in the middle the city of Mexico / 03.11.2022 21:04:45 Marion Reimers had a heated argument with your partner Omar Zeron during the live broadcast on TNT Sports. Criticism was not long in coming. against the communicator, for what, swent to defend himself in social networks. Network users gave everything Reimersincluding your name It … Read more