“They eat from players who say they don’t have balls…”

Juan Carlos Gabriel de Anda He again caused controversy in the media after criticizing sports journalists who thwart players for even the slightest mistake. The former player commented along with Charles Albert and Burro Van Rankin in the show La Saga, the situation of ‘bullying’ of football players, with the explanation that communicators live off … Read more

Marion Reimers responded to criticism after the lawsuit with Omar Zerón: “Go to therapy”

Marion Reimerssports analyst, spoke out after engaging in a heated debate with his partner Omar Zerón during a TNT Sports broadcast. Reimers disagreed with his teammate’s comments about Manchester City striker Erling Haaland, the debate got out of hand, and the commentator even “flew” Zerón. “Forgive me! What are you saying? Don’t belittle me. And … Read more

‘It shouldn’t be on the list’

He left with everything. In recent weeks, Christian Martinoli strongly criticized Ocho’s memo because he did not know how to come out from above and cut dangerous balls, which happened in the semi-final against Ida Toluca and cost a goal against for America. Endless comments are also generated according to the narrator TV Aztecawhere to … Read more

“Carlos Vela has a very bad mentality even though he is a good football player”

David Faitelson exploded on Twitter after it was revealed that the Mexican national team had ‘begged’ Carlos Vela to provide his services at Qatar 2022. This is the second time that the striker refuses to play in the World Cup, the first time he went to Brazil in 2014 when he got off the boat … Read more

Checo Pérez was planning to go to Azteca, but he ‘changed’ his plans

A famous follower Eagles of America, Czech Perez He said that while his plans to go to Azteca this Sunday to see his beloved team in the Liga MX finals have been ruined, he will spend the night celebrating his third-place finish with his family. “I’ll have to go to dinner instead of going to … Read more

‘Don’t normalize this, it’s very embarrassing and frustrating’

Player from Pachuca, Selena Cortes publicly denounced harassment by users on social networks. Through his Twitter account, the defense of Tuzos he shared a post showing that the man named Jorge Vazquez He constantly sent her messages and persistently commented on her physique. “I’ve always said that people who follow you on social media have … Read more

This was the stage as an actor of Televisa Rafael Puente, the new DT UNAM

As an actor of DT. Bridge on the Rafael River he was elected by the board Cougars to be his new coach, and although the fans did not take kindly to it, the former player is ready to take on this new aspect by directing his first team within the so-called giants Liga MX. But … Read more

Pachuca, labeled an ‘underdeveloped team’ after revealing the outlets for the Final de Vuelta

Twitter users don’t miss a thing, and on this occasion they marked an “underdeveloped team” Pachuca when he announced the outlets for the Final Round Opener against Toluca in 2022. Los Tuzos announced that some of their tickets can be purchased at Chelo Stationery and Franky Palettes in Pachuca, or at Chrismi Impressions in Acayuca, … Read more

Televisa ‘crashed’ TV Azteca’s broadcast of the Final de Ida

The battle at the end Liga MX It wasn’t just on the field, where Pachuca valve 1-5 a Toluca in Nemesis tenbut it also happened between television stations, since they are both STUDY as TV Azteca broadcasting the match on its television screens and digital platforms. The problem arose in the Internet broadcast of TV … Read more