Tigers vs. Rayadas (2-1). GOALS Half time

Jorge Rosales Monterey, New Leon / 04.11.2022 22:14:54 The first match of the Aperture semi-finals was played between Tigres Femenil and Rayadas, where Amazonas managed to win 2-1 thanks to a double from Stephany Mayorwhich put her team in a numerically disadvantageous position after the exclusion The first half was for the home teamwho managed … Read more

This is how the semifinals of the 2022 opening will be played

Apertura 2022 semi-finals Liga MX Femeniland both series will be doubles classicsso much National as Regionso the title will remain in one of the forces of women’s football. Chivas, scratched, tigers Mr America They are the clubs that led the Main ranking, because they were in that order and now they will fight to reach … Read more

This is how the semifinals of the Aperture 2022 Liga MX FemenilMediotiempo will be played

Editorial in the middle the city of Mexico / 31.10.2022 23:19:24 classic semi-final. Wow crosses defined in Liga MX Femenil with National Classic and Royal Classic to define those who will advance to the grand final Opening in 2022. America and Chivas will face each other after winning their series. The Azulcremas had no problem … Read more

Tigres vs Toluca Femenil LIVE today (5-0) | 31.10.2022

21:52 21 minutes ago 90′ The game is over, Tigres has smashed Toluca 21:51 22 minutes ago 84′ Despite Toluca’s attempts, Tigres prevents the ball from passing. 21:38 35 minutes ago 77′ Goal, goal, goal for Tigres! Driving past Ovalle, he entered the area and sent a deadly shot for fifth position. 21:25 an hour … Read more

Goals and Summary Chivas 1-1 Cruz Azul Femenil in Liga MX Femenil 2022 | 30.10.2022

19:41 13 minutes ago 95′ FT Finish the match. Chivas Women 1-1 Cruz Azul Women. 19:40 13 minutes ago 1-1 19:35 18 minutes ago 94′ GOAL BLUE CROSS GOAL! Notes written by Patricia Becerra. 19:31 to 22 minutes 90′ The referee adds five minutes to the game. 19:27 26 minutes ago 86′ Change Cruz Azul: … Read more

‘Don’t normalize this, it’s very embarrassing and frustrating’

Player from Pachuca, Selena Cortes publicly denounced harassment by users on social networks. Through his Twitter account, the defense of Tuzos he shared a post showing that the man named Jorge Vazquez He constantly sent her messages and persistently commented on her physique. “I’ve always said that people who follow you on social media have … Read more