Meet Aileen Getty, Lady Di’s close friend who funds art soup attacks

Lady Di is famous not only for being a wife King Charles III, but also because he was an activist and philanthropist. This undoubtedly led Diana to become an international icon because, despite being a member of the royal family, she had a unique simplicity that characterized her. Lady Di She was a young woman … Read more

This was the time when Lady Di gave a great gift to Carlos III, and he publicly humiliated her

The troubles he experienced Diana Spencerbetter known as Lady Di during her marriage to him now King Charles III there were almost countless; however, from time to time, due to her husband’s attitude, she had a bad time in public. Such was the case with the unexpected disparagement in public that Lady Di died in … Read more

This was the occasion when Lady Di wanted to surprise King Carlos III with a sensual dance, but he responded furiously

Everyone knows the story of Lady Di and everything that had to happen while she was married to the current king Carlos III. Humiliation, mistreatment and infidelity by Carlos who took it upon himself to let her know all the time that he didn’t love her. The Royal families The British knew about this reality, … Read more

Meet John F Kennedy Jr., Lady Di’s alleged LOVER with whom he had a SECRET rendezvous

Much has been said about Princess Diana’s private and romantic life, which highlights several romantic relationships with other men outside of her marriage. One of them is the most notorious and rumored to have had John F. Kennedy Jr, son from president of the United States he is said to have been lover from Lady … Read more