The cult song that Juan Gabriel dedicated to Don Ramón, and no one knew

Juan Gabriel was inspired by Don Ramon to write one of his songs November 2, 2022 11:49 am Juan Gabriel was one of the best singers and composers to exist in music, without a doubt his talent has been demonstrated over the years with different interpretations that have made us dance, apart from being a … Read more

VIDEO | That was the time when Juan Gabriel and Don Ramón met to sing together

John Gabrielknown as El Divo de Juárez and Mr. Ramon, from Chavo del 8, were two great figures of Mexican cinema and music. Remembered by many for their tragic death, they both stood out on television and even sang together. The singer did not have an easy start, as he had to look for doors … Read more

Regina Tiscareño, a beautiful Mexican dancer who shared the stage with Juan Gabriel

Regina Printed he always wanted to learn ballet. Although his family could not pay for the tuition, he had the opportunity to enroll in Televisa’s HUP, which he was able to attend dance lessons from 5 years. At that moment, he knew that this was what he loved most in the world. But the 19-year-old … Read more