Chivas FORGET Eduardo Aguirre and go all out for their new striker

Liga MX El Rebaño is looking for a striker who could replace the absence of José Juan Macías who is still undergoing rehabilitation. Per Aldo Miranda 04/11/2022 – 12:43 PM CDT © Imago7Chivas are going all out for their new striker Club management Guadalajara hopes to recruit elements that fit perfectly into the scheme intended … Read more

NOT A JOKE! Héctor Reynoso assures that he is ready to return to Chivas

Liga MX The former captain of Flock made it clear that, if called upon at this moment, he is ready to return to the team of his loves, although he did not clarify whether as a player or as a manager. Per Aldo Miranda 04/11/2022 – 09:23 am CDT © JammediaReynoso is ready to return … Read more

Renewal with Chivas motivates a strong message from Chapo Sánchez

Liga MX The rojiblanco captain could not hide his emotions knowing that he will continue with the team of his loves. Per Aldo Miranda 03/11/2022 – 7:48 PM CDT © Imago7An emotional message from Chapo Sánchez For Chivas de Guadalajara, it is clear that Jesús Sánchez is not a player they can do without just … Read more

All that Chivas will lose with the departure of Cristiano Calderón

Liga MX The left-hander seems to have a few hours in Verde Valle for the next campaign, but apart from the football question, the rojiblancos will lose. Per Aldo Miranda 03/11/2022 – 2:56 PM CDT © Imago7What does Chivas lose with the departure of Chicote Cristian Calderón arrived in 2019 as one of the reinforcements … Read more

Ricardo Peláez’s unexpected confession about Amaury Vergara, after his departure from Chivas

Liga MX The leader left his position a few days ago and now Krdo confirms the new sports organization. Per Aldo Miranda 02/11/2022 – 4:01 PM CDT © Imago7Ricardo Peláez’s confession about Amaury Vergara in Club Guadalajara has no time to look at the past, but to continue shaping the new project under the leadership … Read more

They decide Fernando Hierro’s failure with Chivas in the 2023 Finals.

Liga MX Although there is full confidence in the work of the Spanish leader by some of the Atletico fans, there are analysts who do not predict a good future for him. Per Aldo Miranda 10/27/2022 – 12:48 PM CDT © Imago7They predict the failure of Fernando Hierro The inclusion of Fernando Hierro as sporting … Read more