7 superfoods that will help you sleep like a log

Insomnia appears as one of the main concerns of the Spanish population, the proof of this is that 12% of Spaniards suffer from chronic insomnia and 30% say they wake up feeling like they haven’t rested. [Los ‘somníferos’ que se compran en el ‘súper’: 15 alimentos para dormir como un tronco] All this, in addition … Read more

Pelvic floor and sport: doubts, myths and reality

Why is it weakened? How to strengthen it? What sports are recommended? So many questions that naturally abound when we talk about the so-called pelvic floor. We clarify them with these expert opinions. What is the pelvic floor? “The pelvic floor is a set of muscles and ligaments that surround the abdominal cavity, whose main … Read more