On the first day of the preseason, he released five local players with everything and a contract

On the first day of work in the technician cycle Raphael’s Bridge, Cougars he dismissed five local players who were already permanent players First division. And that’s it RECORD He could tell that they had been given a pension slip, as they were no longer part of the first team plans. It was Thursday morning, … Read more

‘There is nothing but champions in America’

Wait 14. After being eliminated in the semi-finals after some spectacular quarter-finals and a great regular season, Emilio Azcarragaowner America, He hoped that the star 14 would arrive in the next semester, where he assured that there would be reinforcements. “I think we are on that path, the lines that will have to be made … Read more

Carlos Vela denies contact with El Tri ahead of Qatar 2022 World Cup

He was not contacted. In the last days, it became known that Carlos candle he refused Mexican teamfacing once more World Cup in Qatar 2022, and the MLS LAFC player himself denied that contact between the board and him. It was for ESPN that the Mexican, who will play in the finals of the American … Read more

Diego Lainez and Jesús Angulo would like to stay in Qatar in 2022.

In the table. The World Cup in Qatar 2022 is 16 days from the start, and as the days pass, the list on Nanny Martino defines more and clears up those confusions before presenting the correct call for Mexican team for him world. Therefore, from the 32 invited who will be in Girona, the list … Read more

‘If I don’t feel well, I step down’

He will only retreat if he is not well. 16 more days World Cup in Qatar 2022Mr Raul Jimenez admitted that if he does not recover from his injury by then Nanny Martino they must provide a definitive list for worldwill step down. “Yes, I thought about it (missing the World Cup). If I’m not, … Read more

Santi Giménez, with a better scoring nose than Erling Haaland

Better than “Android”. Santi Gimenez He made it known again what kind of quality he has and this Thursday, a minute after coming on, he scored a goal Feyenoord his place in the round of 16 European league. With this result, the Mexican became the player who needs at least a minute to score a … Read more

Full World Cup schedule, group stage and knockout stage

The World Cup in Qatar 2022 it’s just ‘around the corner’, and the desire to see the best selection tournament is growing, so in RECORD we present to you calendar group stages to take everything into account. It is important to remember that the matches will be played from 04:00 AM to 03:00 PM, taking … Read more

‘It shouldn’t be on the list’

He left with everything. In recent weeks, Christian Martinoli strongly criticized Ocho’s memo because he did not know how to come out from above and cut dangerous balls, which happened in the semi-final against Ida Toluca and cost a goal against for America. Endless comments are also generated according to the narrator TV Aztecawhere to … Read more

Pogba is overworked and his presence with France at the World Cup is in jeopardy

Alarms are going off again in France. Italian media reported that midfielder The Juventus and from French national team, Paul Pogbaagain suffers muscle overload and endangers their participation in World Cup in Qatar 2022which starts in 20 days. The same newspapers of the European country state that the Frenchman will recover from the injury for … Read more

The Vergara family celebrates 20 years at the head of the Holy flock

This October 31, 2022, marks exactly 20 years since The Vergara family took the reins Chivasbecause it was on the same day, but in 2022 Jorge Vergara Madrigal (qepd) acquisition of al Holy flock and then we review the things that happened in two decades. From 2022 to today, the team at Guadalajara adds 10 … Read more