Marion Reimers responded to criticism after the lawsuit with Omar Zerón: “Go to therapy”

Marion Reimerssports analyst, spoke out after engaging in a heated debate with his partner Omar Zerón during a TNT Sports broadcast. Reimers disagreed with his teammate’s comments about Manchester City striker Erling Haaland, the debate got out of hand, and the commentator even “flew” Zerón. “Forgive me! What are you saying? Don’t belittle me. And … Read more

‘Great sewage’; Martinoli trolled after winning at halftime

Editorial in the middle the city of Mexico / 27.10.2022 22:07:20 Toluca beat Pachuca in the first match of the Final, which practically defined the champion of Aperture 2022 in Mexican football. He is one of the most famous fans of the Red Devils Christian Martinoli and during the broadcast of the match, he could … Read more