Santi Giménez scores with Feyenoord against Lazio

This Thursday, the last match of the group stage of the tournament UEFA European Leaguethe Feyenoord received in Rotterdam to Lazio and the first ball touched by the Mexican striker ended up in the nets of the Italian team. Santi entered the game for Danilo in the 62nd minute, just a few seconds later”baby“He went … Read more

In his youth, Santi Giménez suffered from living in the ‘shadow’ of Chaco

Santiago Giménez, Mexican striker Feyenoord Eredivisie, revealed to ‘GQ’ magazine the love-hate relationship he had to overcome in relation to his football career as the son of former midfielder and Cruz Azul figure Christian Giménez. The 21-year-old stressed that he worked twice as hard to create a name and career independent of his father. “In … Read more

Santi Giménez revealed the ‘torment and glory’ he lived with Paco Jémez

Mexican striker of Feyenoord Santiago Gimenez He spoke to GQ magazine about the lessons he learned from the coaches he worked with during his career as a professional soccer player. Among them he pointed out the Spanish, Paco Jemez, with whom he had an intense and “tumultuous” relationship, but in the end it made him … Read more