Emanuel Villa ran for another sporting director of Cruz Azul

Cement plants are still waiting for a solution to one of the problems that has spread in recent weeks. Per Deward Leroy 04/11/2022 – 11:15 a.m. CDT Comments 04/11/2022 – 11:15 a.m. CDT © Media hourVila “Tito” is still waiting for the announcement of a new sports director Although it is public knowledge that Carlos … Read more

The Cruz Azul referee explodes against Iván Morales. And how!

The Tank stated that he will fight to continue in Cruz Azul, prompting a brave reaction from the former Machine player Per Guillermo Sandoval 10/29/2022 – 11:18 PM CDT Comments 10/29/2022 – 11:18 PM CDT © Imago7In 22 games for Cruz Azul, Iván Morales scored only one goal Less than a year after arriving in … Read more

Emanuel Villa reveals the conversation with Raúl Gutiérrez

“Tito” Villa gave hope to Cruz Azul fans after he made public a conversation with “Potro” in which he assured him of good signings. Per Deward Leroy 10/28/2022 – 1:14 PM CDT Comments 10/28/2022 – 1:14 PM CDT © Archive / Picture 7The former striker is convinced that the team can add important pieces They … Read more