Fidalgo, Aperture 2022 MVP

America could not raise ’14’, but the Spaniard, Alvaro Fidalgohe stole the limelight and was elected to A record breaking star from Opening in 2022. ‘cream blue maguito‘ was the decisive player for Ferdinand Ortiz throughout the campaign and the fans recognize it. With an outstanding 53 percent of readers’ votes, sir surpassed by a … Read more

America or River Plate, teams where Rubens Sambueza wants to retire

Editorial in the middle the city of Mexico / 29.10.2022 18:52:02 Rubens Sambueza visited the facilities of River Plate, where he said that he is happy to be in the team that gave him the opportunity to be a professional from 2003 to 2007. At the age of 38, Sambueza wants to retire with this … Read more