Paola Rojas shows off her figure at 45 in a tight mini dress

Nice driver again “Divine Networks”, Paola Rojas became a social media sensation after sharing a couple of photos of herself modeling the perfect look for this Day of the Deadone of the most traditional celebrations in our country. In front of her millions of followers on Instagram, the famous journalist published several photos in which … Read more

From the altar to the medicine cabinet, what are the medicinal uses of the cempasuchila flower?

Written in HIDALGO the 2/11/2022 · 10:35 a.m PACHUCA.- From the altar to the medicine cabinet, did you know it is cempasuchil along with leading souls home to Day of the Dead has properties coverings? This flower from Mexico, whose yellow color and aroma exalts this season, is a link between death and life, so … Read more

Ángela Aguilar CELEBRATES Day of the Dead and BREAKS the internet with this NEW look | PHOTOS

Angela Aguilar joined one of the most important festivities in Mexico as only the “princess of the Mexican region” could, the daughter of Pepe Aguilar surprised all her fans Photos from his new look with whom he celebrates Day of the Dead this 2022 and makes it clear that at the age of 19, reality … Read more