VIDEO | In a bikini, Ingrid Coronado raised the temperature in Acapulco

At the age of 48 and with the same kindness that has characterized him since his time Garibaldi, is that Ingrid Coronado It remains valid as on the first day. It is impossible not to admire her when you are close to her and, in addition, to recognize the success she achieves with her TV … Read more

Ricardo Casares sends a controversial message and they think it’s for William Valdés

Ricardo Casares has been on TV Azteca’s morning show for 6 years after being part of ‘Ventaneando’. The last days were difficult for the presenters of ‘Venga la Alegría’ because William Valdés was the first to leave, after the departure of Sandro Smester. After a sudden shift, William was in charge of talking about the … Read more

William Valdés reveals the REAL reasons why he was FIRED from ‘Venga la Alegría’

TV presenter William Valdes reveals real reasons for which it was released surprisingly from the program ‘come joy‘, after numerous controversies surrounding his departure from the live broadcast of TV Azteca, there were rumors that pointed to a problem with one of the main hosts of the show. The rumors were fueled after the weekly … Read more

Filter MILLIONAIRE salary Laura G and Sergio Sepúlveda in ‘Venga la Alegría’

After the controversies caused by the sudden departure of William Valdés from come joytwo morning show hosts are at the center of the storm, not only because of the controversies they are embroiled in, but also because salary millionaire they win, being the source of the show filtered the exorbitant amount they pay Laura G … Read more

Come betrayal! William Valdés left ‘VLA’ because Sergio Sepúlveda nominated him before the bosses

The driver was not a favorite of the audience, and on social networks part of the program’s fans welcomed his departure. We learned that the firing of William Valdés from ‘Venga la Alegría’ had a lot to do with Sergio Sepúlveda. After leaving from William Valdés, 28, from Venga la alegría, before the Cuban host … Read more

Pedro Sola mocks William Valdés after his departure from Venga la Alegría

It was yesterday the last program of William Valdés in Venga la Alegríaafter the presenter himself said that the departure was due to the decisions of the new content management at TV Azteca. The parting was very emotional, and all his colleagues expressed their love for him and they said they were grateful for the … Read more

Through tears, the dear VLA driver has been asking for his immediate departure since morning: “I don’t want to continue anymore”

Morning show again”come joy” was put on everyone’s lips after one of his most beloved and controversial collaborators burst into tears in front of the television cameras to express his desire to leave acting, since he probably stopped enjoying the work that gave him so much joy. In the full live broadcast, the entertainment expert … Read more

They assure that William Valdés was FIRED from ‘Venga la Alegría’, and that would be the REAL reason

There has been speculation about his departure for several weeks William Valdes since morningcome joy‘, and although he still appears in front of the cameras and denies that this will happen, in the last few hours information has been leaked as to where to ensure it was already there released and up to real motive … Read more