Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía Martí could be caught watching Shakira’s ‘Monotonia’ VIDEO

One that continues to be part of the controversy after the split with Shakira es Gerard Piquerecently a football player and Clara Chia Marti he was caught by some paparazzi and fans who claim that the couple was seeing the video from “Monotony”, a new song by the Colombian. A topic that they assure is … Read more

Gerard Piqué received news that could complicate the division of property in the divorce with Shakira

Since his separation from Shakira, Gerard Piqué was on everyone’s lips. Without a doubt, since the day of the announcement, the breakup has become totally medial, and the focus is on the children they have. While the Colombian woman is doing her best to leave Spain, the footballer is doing everything to ensure that Milan … Read more

The reason why Gerard Piqué is NOT paying Clara Chía Martí’s tuition at the LUXURY school

It was published a few days ago fancy school which he attends Clara Chia Marti to complete professional studies for an event organizer, a school from which Piqué allegedly helped her with expenses. But it turned out to be another rumor, because the real truth was revealed. reason by which Gerard Pique doesn’t to pay … Read more

Clara Chía Martí reacts with a controversial gesture towards fans of Gerard Piqué and Shakira

The Barcelona player’s girlfriend, Clara Chía Martí, showed his short patience and lack of manners by suggesting that Gerard Pique that he will drive his car through regardless of the fact that he might run over a group of fans who surrounded them, he states video circulating on social networks. Clara Chía Martí attacks fans … Read more

Clara Chía Martí RE-APPEARS with Gerard Piqué for the FIRST time since the premiere of Shakira’s ‘Monotonía’

Despite everything you live Clara Chia Marti Due to the stalking of journalists, the young woman decided to get out of her little confinement and reappeared very happy next door Gerard Pique. is first time to see Culé’s girlfriend behind him premiere from “Monotony” from Shakirais the latest release of the Colombian woman, which has … Read more