All that Chivas will lose with the departure of Cristiano Calderón

Liga MX The left-hander seems to have a few hours in Verde Valle for the next campaign, but apart from the football question, the rojiblancos will lose. Per Aldo Miranda 03/11/2022 – 2:56 PM CDT © Imago7What does Chivas lose with the departure of Chicote Cristian Calderón arrived in 2019 as one of the reinforcements … Read more

The first player to leave Chivas with Veljko Paunović as coach

Liga Mx The high command of Flock is analyzing the candidates for reinforcements, and the possibility of the departure of winger Rojiblanco is also mentioned. Per Aldo Miranda 2.11.2022. – 8:25 p.m. CDT © Imago7Paunović is planning the departure of the first player to Chivas Work from Veljko Paunović, the coach of the Guadalajara club, … Read more