Carlos Vela or Chicharito? Fernando Hierro did not close the door of Chivas to anyone

Liga Mx Guadalajara’s sporting director explained some of the factors that are taken into account when choosing a possible reinforcement. Per Leon Iturbide 10/31/2022 – 7:16 PM CDT GETTY IMAGES Tend to a la absence of Fernando Hierro in Mexico, sports director of Chivas continues to work on drawing up a new project that he … Read more

Who is El Tri’s top scorer in World Cup history?

Of the 60 goals he scored Mexico in World championships from Uruguay 30, only 12 footballers scored more than two goals. Being Luis Hernandez and Javier Hernandez the best Mexican scorer in the history of the World Cup. Of the 12 players with at least two goals, there is not one on the roster who … Read more

‘He felt comfortable opening up and being vulnerable with me’

Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez Without a doubt, he is one of the Mexican players with the longest career in history. She reached the highest point when she reached Real Madridafter passing through Manchester Unitedthat’s why the attacker recounted his experience and the pressure he experienced in the capital of Spain. “When you arrive in Madrid and … Read more