Belinda: the most special gift she gave Christian Nodal when they were in love

While they were together, the couple they gave life to Belinda Mr Christian Nodal It was one of the most beloved and interesting on the Mexican scene. It was in 2020 when both singers and artists started a joint love journey that even included a marriage proposal from Nodal according to the author of “Love … Read more

Belinda reveals the REAL reasons why she DIDN’T record a SONG with Danna Paolo

Belinda broke his silence and revealed real reasons by which did not record And a song con Danna Paolaafter many controversies between the two artists, the real reasons why the duel never happened and whether there is an alleged rivalry that both Mexican artists talk so much about in the press, who are individually in … Read more

Belinda ISMIGA of Christian Nodal and his ex-boyfriends who got tattoos at the concert LIVE | VIDEO

In one of his latest presentations Belinda He used the opportunity to hint at those loves that passed through his life; it was during the presentation in Tijuana that he was green-eyed mockery from Christian Nodal and his others ex boyfriends. And that’s it, one of his fans asked him to tattoo it during his … Read more

Goodbye Belinda. Danna Paola would get what she only dreamed of

Belinda and Danna Paola October 29, 2022, 9:56 p.m Danna Paola and Belinda have reportedly been at loggerheads for several years, all because Beli allegedly can’t stand anyone shining more than her. However, the artists denied any competition between them. But once Belinda finished with Nodala, the love field for the singer became a minefield, … Read more

Belinda: a mortal sin for which the singer will not go to heaven

Through the HBO Max streaming platform, it can be seen from October 27 “Divine food”project based on the London program “Come to dinner with me”its Mexican version features music, television and comedy stars who live in the country and are known throughout the world. One of them is Belindasinger and actress originally from Spanishbut the … Read more